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We think you should earn more then just experience in your internship.

We provide accommodations for our students in our Summer internship program in Houston, Texas and Woodbridge New Jersey.

Accommodation is normally in local university halls of residence close to your place of work. The accommodation is self-catering and, where possible, you’ll be provided with bedding, towels and kitchen utensils. We will, of course, let you know well in advance if you need to bring your own.


Our students will stay in some of the United State’s most prestigious university halls of residence.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to give definite accommodation details for locations until closer to the start of the program as many universities do not release information on available accommodation until March or April at the earliest. You’ll be advised in good time where your accommodation will be. Please note that commuting costs and arrangements will be your own responsibility. Often students will share transport so use the onboarding group on Facebook to make contacts with your fellow students.


Accommodation is free, but things like food are your responsibility. We’ll try to ensure there is a launderette facility and that you have access to the facilities on site. Please note that internet access is not provided at all accommodation sites and you may need to fund this yourself. Details will be available from your accommodation reception.

We aim to place all summer students near to each other to build a support network. Past students have enjoyed a brilliant social life during their placement and have made new, long-term friends. However, if you are already living locally and would prefer to stay at home, that’s fine by us too. Please just let us know.

We will notify you of your accommodation and location in advance of your placement.